The Hat Man is a terrifying legend that has grown in infamy since the Shadow People phenomenon became a part of the pop-culture paranormal consciousness around the turn of the century. Though tales surrounding it goes back generations. There have been accounts of encounters with this mysterious entity from all over the world and throughout human history. According to some, the Hat Man is a demon.

This entity is overflowing with malevolence

Others claim it to be an interdimensional being which feeds off negative energy. Especially the feeling of fear which can permeate humans. It’s attracted to hostile environments. Like places saturated with conflict, violence, or sadness. Dysfunctional families or places of abuse attract the entity and some who claim to have encountered it say it’s been with them since childhood. There have been different descriptions of the Hat Man, but they all share similarities. It usually appears as a silhouette of a man that is a black darker than night. Like a void absent of light. It seems to be wearing a trench coat and always wears a hat that is usually described as a fedora, or a wide-brimmed hat. In many encounters, the Hat Man is said to have glowing red eyes.

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But it also can appear in a more humanoid form, sporting a black beard and wearing a black suit, with a long overcoat or cloak, and of course with all attire being the darkest black. Yet no matter how it manifests, it is always wearing some sort of hat.

Hopelessness fills the Hat-Man’s victims

When it’s around, there is a tangible feeling of hopelessness and oppressive energy that fills the atmosphere of the area. While Shadow People usually vanish after being looked at, the Hat Man does no such thing. In fact, there are encounters where the entity has an entourage of Shadow People surrounding him as if they are his minions. Also, the Hat Man seems to be more of a physical threat, who can touch, attack, or even choke it’s chosen victim. There’s also those who say he can manipulate people’s minds, causing them mental torment, which can even lead to insanity. Encounters often occur when the victim is in some sort of altered state, like in between falling asleep and waking up. Often there are terrifying visitations during sleep paralysis, where the person is aware of everything going on around them but is unable to move a muscle despite the horror.

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The entity either is attracted to or causes misfortune, violence, mental health issues, and even death. Whether the Hat Man is the source of bad luck or an ill omen of things to come isn’t known.  However, what is known is the malevolent nature the entity exhibits to all who encounter it. Some even claim soul-stealing is its demonic intention if the victim’s sanity can be shattered enough.  And the odd thing about documented encounters with the entity is that there are many different situations that have inspired a visitation, including things you would never think of linking to it, such as alien abductions. Abductees have claimed to see the Hat Man in E.T. encounters. Others have even said the entity has visited them after messing with a Ouija board. But it doesn’t require the paranormal to attract the Hat Man. It also visits people who’re in a state of chaos with their lives, such as those losing jobs, friends, loved ones, or lovers. And even stranger still, the Hat Man can attach itself to bloodlines. Some families report the entity visiting their kin for generations, similar to the Irish banshees. It inflicts paranoia, anxiety, and always emanates malevolence. But like most legends the Hat Man remains enigmatic and a source of much debate. And thanks to the internet, it doesn’t look like tales about him will die out anytime soon.

Strange the entity is referenced in the UFO Phenomenon

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Calista Mir · June 21, 2018 at 9:34 pm

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Clayton Brumett · June 28, 2018 at 6:31 pm

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Brendon Briggerman · July 22, 2018 at 5:03 pm

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Chris(who has no idea what the Hell he even is anymore...) · October 12, 2018 at 6:50 pm

My sister claims she saw the shadow person, matching the Hat Man’s description, watching over my bed, when I was 5 years old. She was sharing my room back then. I am 28 years old now, and my life has been filled with misfortune, sickness, been bullied most of my life, have an abusive father, my two exes were abusive towards me, and my mom broke down with hysteria. Had both of my pets taken away from me, by my father…
And recently, from September 10th to now October 12th, I have been committed against my will in an insane Asylum here in Norway, against my will, and due to a misunderstanding, as I just got well from a dementia like disease, so my sudden extreme mental well being from being well again got mixed up with Mania…
But… I don’t have the impression this being, if real… Ever wanted to harm me, more like observing me, and probably being attracted to the darkness in my life. From what I can tell.
While there, in the asylum, I snapped some pictures that are eerily similar to these lights from Hessdalen, also here in Norway.
This picture is not mine, mine are still locked away on my cellphone. But the figure, when zoomed in, in my picture, looks like a black shadow person holding a swirling white light of perfect white.

Dunno if any of you will find this interesting or not, I am personally overwhelmed by this and other “paranormal”(gods, I don’t even know what to call this… I used to think of myself as a rational man of science…)events…
Even weird things happening to my own body, after two mosquitos of exotic origin(apparently, as I live close to a port, and container ships with hitchhiking bugs come by every day), injected me with some disease carrying pathogen that made me violently ill on top of my 12 year old chronic illness… But this eventually left me… “cured”… Some things, like my vision are still messed up… But most of my other attributes got my own doctor weirded out, such as those found in my blood samples…
I barely bleed, my skin is tough, I am tuned to sounds better than the professional hunter I took a walk with, I am strong enough that you need 7 adult people to hold me down, and my weight keeps bouncing between 75-110 KG, back and forth… My metabolism is going crazy… And I have a very strong craving for sugar, water, and proteins, especially from bloody meat sources…
I just don’t know what to think about this anymore… It is all to crazy… And whenever I seek professional help from anyone else than a priest, I get sent to places like insane asylums…

So yeah… That’s my crazy story, with possible shadow persons guest starring in it.

-Greetings from Chris, from Norway.

    Cryptic Chronicles · October 12, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Very interesting thank you. Please keep in touch!

      Chris · October 15, 2018 at 5:08 pm

      Thank you for reading my story. Its nice not being ridiculed or locked away when sharing such… Weird and Eldritch things…
      I figure I might as well make it clear right away, I am not interested in joining a podcast interview or anything of the sort, as I am very shy and socially awkward, but eh, who wouldn’t be, right? After everything… And I am exhausted after getting out of that horrible place, so even less willingness to get out of my comfort zone right now, sorry…
      I just wanted to share my hat man story, though… Second hand… I guess.
      My sister(half sibling) didn’t like staying any length of time in my room, after the incident. I always found it weird, until my mom told me her story.
      I would find it weird if she was faking it, as it is a very specific thing she saw, and the internet wasn’t exactly great when I was that young. Back in 1991-1994. Doubt she frequented any places with such stories, and again, internet kinda sucked back then for such anyway.
      At any rate, hope I didn’t waste anyone’s time.
      Take care.


        Cryptic Chronicles · October 18, 2018 at 7:11 pm

        Thanks a lot for your story. Could you email me the whole thing in a short story? I would love to write an article on it or read it on the show. I’ll give you full credit of course. 🙂

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