Hope you have clearance for this… SCP-4175 (Friends Made, and the Void) is a unique anomaly that requires MTF Psi-8 (The Silencers) for their paranormal expertise. Just how did this boy’s “essence” get trapped in a mirror, and is our Foundation hiding institutional discrimination? SCP-4175 is a Level-I Humanoid Apparition which can be viewed in the reflection of a bathroom vanity mirror. SCP-4175 is theorized to be the spectral remains of Alex Conrad, the thirteen-year-old victim of premeditated homicide committed by his parents on August 30, 2014. I give you an overview of the case and how to contain and handle such anomalies.


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erotik · October 25, 2020 at 1:39 am

If you want to use the photo it would also be good to check with the artist beforehand in case it is subject to copyright. Best wishes. Aaren Reggis Sela

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