There are many horrors in the universe and beyond that cannot be comprehended by humankind in its current state of consciousness. After all, what humanity experiences as reality is actually just electric impulses in the brain, and the physical world around us made up of empty space. According to physics, all the matter that makes up the human race could fit in a sugar cube. Atoms are 99.9999999999 percent empty space in differing levels of vibrating energy. Which also means matter is essentially a dense form of light. With such a mysterious universe out there, it’s quite possible alien races/entities of supernatural horror exist and even thrive in the endless void.

This E.T. race is unique in the fact it is made up more of cosmic horror entities than actual physical aliens, and their lore is vast with tons of interpretations and points of view. The core of their myth began with the ancient Gnostics and evolved and expanded to the amalgamation it is today. So here I present to you a cascade of various versions of Archonic myth…

In the grand scheme of things we know next to nothing about the Universe and what awaits us out there

Archons are intelligent, hungry entities. They are a parasitic race of intelligence-driven mind predators. They exist on multiple dimensions beneath the fifth dimension, as well as the mental plane, spiritual plane, and astral plane. The third dimension is their main domain (our plane of existence in waking life) but they can manifest into physical fourth-dimensional bodies too, appearing as horrifying black ooze slug-like entities with many eyes and sharp gaping mouths. However, with the Archon’s ability to manifest in the mental plane they can appear as sentient hallucinations in any form they desire as well. Though these alien’s most common form viewed by material beings is a cloudy black slithering mass of snake-like energy reminiscent of a giant etheric octopus.

The Archonic forces are analogous to the agents from the Matrix movies. They keep humans asleep and in-line with the system. According to various occult lore they can also be thought of as the Dark Angels, the Opposers, the Guardians at the edge of matter. But according to certain E.T. lore, they are a cosmic horror similar to the nightmares found within H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos.

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The host planets of the archons are mainly in the Orion Constellation, but that system is not their original home. Their true origins in the multiverse are unknown and could even have come from outside the matter of this universe. They enjoy living throughout the cosmos in hollowed out cave systems and dominating lesser material species through mental manipulation. To humans with advanced awareness and expanded consciousness a group of Archons traveling through the sky may resemble a black cloud of a swirling tentacle-like mass writhing like a pile of worms, or they may even visually encounter them if traveling deep within caves, taking on differing manifestations to fit within the confined space. The psychic must be wary not to engage with one of these cosmic horrors, lest they are put in their place for violating the Archonic rules of material existence they enforce on physical beings.

Encountering an Archon is never a good thing

Though the Archon’s main interdimensional realms exist in the Orian Constellation host worlds, they can be found almost anywhere in the universe, with Earth being a prime feeding ground. This is because the archons are parasites; feeding on lower fear frequencies, or negative vibrations, similar to the notorious E.T. race known as the Reptilians. When no wars or great suffering can be found on our planet, the Archons delight in feeding on violent criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, abusers, or the depressed. They stimulate their victims to repeat the emotions they feed off and manipulate the weak-minded to commit acts of horror. However, their influence is more suggestive and prodding than outright mind control for the most part. Though, they may take more of a possessive grasp on the psyche of a victim if invited to in some manner, and will then seek to spread lower vibrations wherever they can. Many wars and conflicts have been egged on by these parasitic entities to unknowing victims.

A form Archons take in the material world that can be witnessed by regular people is that of a humanoid entity with a shadowy silhouette and red glowing eyes. They are commonly referred to as shadow people in this form and manifest commonly during sleep paralysis, or in plain sight of sentient beings to feed off the fear they inflict on the horrified onlooker. As shadow people, Archons will haunt places with psychic trauma echoing through the ether like a pebble thrown in a lake. Broken homes, insane asylums, battlefields, countries oppressed by tyrants, or anywhere of great pain and sorrow will have higher manifestations of shadow people.

The Shadow People phenomenon is horrifying to research

However, high vibrating and enlightened beings are immune to Archonic vampiric feeding and influence. though since the Archons have infected the mental plane, they have a connection to every sentient being in existence, and if high vibrating people ever fall to above-average negativity, the Archons will be there waiting for them. There is an old saying: that God is in everything, well, so is the darkness.

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Long fed upon victims can be identified by those with astral sight easily because of their muddy and clouded physical aura. When an Archon is drawn to a fresh victim, they quickly learn how their host’s mind works within the mental matrix. In doing so, they will begin to “push all the right buttons” to propagate negative energy within their victim. They intelligently infiltrate the subconscious and view the true self of the host hidden from the conscious mind. This is one of the reasons the old proverb “Know thyself” is so important because, without open contact between the subconscious mind, the shadow self, and the conscious mind, humans are very vulnerable to etheric parasites.

How many aliens have already been corrupted by the Archons?

Some alien races in the cosmos are more vulnerable to these parasitic entities than others. Many such vulnerable races are totally under Archonic influence, such as the Reptilians (which are also considered interchangeable with Archons according to some E.T. lore). The Reptilian race is so bonded with Archon infestation that they too have developed the ability to feed off of low vibrational energy, especially fear. However, the beyond ancient Reptilian race is so arrogant they consider their ability to sustain themselves through negative energy a natural evolutionary advantage they developed that is proof of their superiority over all other races of the multiverse; looking at all other races as mere food, the relationship between Archon and Reptilian turning from parasitic to symbiotic.

The majority of aliens in the Universe have been affected by the Archon’s influence in the cosmos

In some E.T. lore, the Archons came to Earth long before the fall of humankind’s beyond ancient advanced civilization, and have been here ever since. Archon infestation in humans tends to vary because the entities can be easily banished by higher vibrations, enlightened thought, and disciplined minds. So while the Archons may have their tendrils spread out through the universe, they are not always in control or able to assert their power. However, most humans have some degree of Archonic influence depending on their nature.

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The Demiurge is the ruling Archon of Earth to some sources and spans the globe above the clouds like an octopus. It’s said this being is delusional and thinks it’s God to us. And through the mental plane, it creates an illusory reality to ignorant humans. It’s not clear if the Demiurge is truly an Archon because of its massivity and different nature when compared to other Archons, but it definitely rules and guides them on Earth. Through their mental matrix, they keep many humans trapped in a false reality of ignorance, vanity, greed, and selfishness. But, only on the 3rd dimension. Aware and awoken humans are immune to the Demiurge’s designs.

It thinks it’s God

The Demiurge has been losing influence though in the 21st century. Its plasmic tentacles slowly dissolving. This is in no small thanks to the influence of other benevolent aliens in the universe, and humanity’s own reawakening. The evil alien influence is said to be responsible for many religious atrocities throughout the past ten thousand years or more. The Demiurge’s power was at its peak through humanity’s Dark and Medieval Ages. Though it is important to remember that this entity is not God, it just thinks it is. As humanity becomes less superstitious, with fewer fanatics, and religious zealots committing evil and conflict on fellow humans in the name of their god or creed, the Demiurge loses more and more grasp on the illusion it uses with the Archons to blind humans from reality.

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And of course, if you’re familiar with the concept of the Demiurge, then you’re no stranger to the Gnostics. This secretive order devoted to spiritual enlightenment very much existed in our real world and taught basically the same things about the Demiurge and reality according to their ancient perspective. Though the Gnostics were silenced in genocide by the Christian Church. Still, their teachings about Yaldabaoth (the Demiurge) and the Archons survived.

Archons could be the most horrifying E.T. race out there…

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