The Carians (also known as Avians) originate in the star system of Alpha Draconi in the Orion constellation. They’re more of a fever dream than anything to do with the UFO phenomenon. Yet, there are a lot of people who believe in these bird-like aliens from the new age Starseed community. So if you’re interested in objective E.T. information look elsewhere. Still, this is Cryptic Chronicles and we cover everything… The weirder the better.

Typical Carians

The Carians are allegedly one of the two most ancient Alien races in the Universe. Upon reaching sentience the species evolved to have bipedal bodies that look like a cross between a bird and a human. Carians have a lot more variety of shape, size, and color that many other races in the universe lack. They possess colored plumage in bold and vibrant color schemes, with every Avian completely unique in their own design. The size of these aliens can be anywhere from up to 12ft tall to only a handful of inches in height.

The Avians advanced quickly into becoming a grand interstellar civilization. They are known for their sharp analytical abilities and organizational skills. A predominant character trait of the Carians is the obsession with maintaining a good appearance and social image at all times. They’re vain, paying a lot of attention to their appearance and ornamentation. The Carians gear their society around adherence to codes of conduct, structure, and discipline. Their sharp analytical minds make them extremely talented generals, strategists, organizers, and bureaucrats.

Despite their dubious actions, Carians are not really evil or good, but shades of grey

The Carian’s technology advanced quickly allowing them to be uncontested rulers of their little pocket of the universe. Eventually, they began genetic experimentation. They mixed their own DNA with reptiles found on the warmer parts of their planet. This experiment would lead to one of the first genetically altered new races in the cosmos to come into being… The Reptilians. The Avians wanted this child species to be powerful, self-perpetuating, and dominating. They taught the Reptilians that everything in the universe was their’s for the taking and that it was their birthright to rule.

However, the Carians seeded countless worlds that would evolve into various lifeforms and engineered many other sentient species of diverse natures other than the Reptilians and their many sub-species. They created many sub-species of their own race as well such as the Blue Avians who are similar to the Carians in demeanor and attributes but are more benevolent in nature, whereas the Carians are neutral. The Blue Avians have nothing to do with galactic politics focused on domination or control. Carians, on the other hand, believe in order at any cost, with the ends justifying the means.

Carians were allegedly the first sentient species born into the universe, and believe it is their birthright, and their destiny to rule all existence (even if indirectly.) However, this doesn’t mean they’re conquering dominators. In fact, their very logical and analytical with little cause to do things except for objectively beneficial outcomes. They’re more chess players than warriors. Which makes an interesting question on why the Carians would create the Reptilians to be a race of beings who basically hold conquest and dominance as a religion. Carians are not malevolent or evil, but Reptilians could definitely fill those categories. Maybe through their cold-blooded logic, they assumed they could bring order to the universe through the Reptilians?

There’s a ridiculous amount of lore on the Reptilians in the UFO phenomenon from ALL sides. Some people even say the notorious Grays are just a genetically altered servant race to them.

The Reptilians would eventually outnumber their creators, and the Carians would take a back seat in their mutual civilizations. However, the Carians are extremely revered by the Reptilians and often lead them as well as being the main scientific minds behind the Draconi. They shared all their knowledge and technology with their children and also assist in genetic manipulation to create sub-races of Reptilians from conquered species. They are even at the forefront of Reptilian invasions throughout their endless galactic wars.

Though much less in number by an extreme amount when compared to their Reptilian creations, the Carians still hold high places of honor in the Draconis Empire (Reptilian Empire) which is allegedly one of the most powerful factions in the universe. And these bird-like aliens explored, colonized, and charted the cosmos with faster than light travel long before any other race in existence.

The Carians care little for morality or integrity

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