Nobody likes terrible stuff happening to kids. But, sadly, the Myling is an entity that was formerly a normal human child. The Myling wanders in the night throughout Scandinavia, and these revenants are incredibly dangerous.

There are a variety of ways that a human child could have come to their end, leading them to be consumed in the Myling curse. Such as children lost in the woods to die to exposure or even infants left for death. In the old days, when poverty meant an imminent threat to survival, an extra mouth to feed could be the difference between life and death for a family. There was no real form of contraception back then, so unwanted pregnancies were common. This could bankrupt people without the means to raise, support, and feed a child. So, leaving the young to die in the woods was a genuine choice some had to make to survive.

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For a large portion of history, the Scandanavians were Christian. So the people of those times had to follow a stringent social contract. It was illegal to have a child without being married, and doing so could lead to social suicide or banishment. There was no separation from church and state. A bastard was considered an abomination and walking blasphemy. So many bastard children were left to die to the elements.

Many Myling seem confused

Most of the children left to perish in the wilderness were sadly female because it was not only more profitable to have a boy for physical labor, but it was an heir as well. So if one of these old-timey families could only afford to raise one child or two, it wasn’t uncommon for then to leave infant girls to die in the woods then try again to have a baby boy instead.

These discarded souls would slowly cause dark energy to grow, which would form into the Myling curse. In all cases, the Myling is a restless, sometimes vengeful revenant that was once a child abandoned or killed in remotes areas for either being unwanted or unable to be cared for.

In Finland, they’re called “Utburd” or “Ihtiriekko,” which translates to “that which is outside.” The unspoken secret family practice to commit child murder would be serious skeletons in the closet, and never mentioned to outsiders. Because though they may be choosing survival, or bettering their social lot, murder was still murder. Even more disturbing is that this practice is still done in some cultures to this day, and at certain times in history, infanticide was practiced all over the world.

The majority of Myling from medieval times were girls

It’s said because these children were never given proper burial rights, the Myling curse takes hold, and their spirits rise to become supernatural entities. Many seek vengeance against the living. The Myling haunt the area of their death, or the area they were given birth at. Their wails of sorrow mask their primordial rage, as they are forced to wander endlessly.

Common themes in Myling encounters are a lone traveler coming into contact with one in remote areas on the outskirts of towns or villages. But, they are also encountered on desolate roads near dark woods or abandoned homes. The entity looks like the undead revenants they are, with a decayed gaunt body. Their flesh is tight, wrinkled, and close to the bone, giving them a horrific skeletal appearance.

They are powerful supernatural entities

Myling stalk the night fueled with the pain of rejection and abandonment. The size of a Myling is far bigger than when it was alive, giving them a stunning, visually disproportionate creep factor. But, despite its size, a Myling will creep around its target with much better stealth than one would think it capable of. When it comes across a victim, the entity will jump on their back in an unbreakable vice-like grip. Though, a Myling doesn’t just kill their victims outright. In fact, there is a way even to survive an encounter with one.

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The Myling wants to be appropriately buried on consecrated earth. It does not necessarily seek to kill, moreso to be allowed to rest from its waking nightmare of undeath. So, after a Myling attaches itself to a victim, the only way to survive is to carry the entity to a crypt or graveyard. Hopefully, there is consecrated earth nearby, because as the victim walks with it attached to their back, it steadily gets heavier as time goes by. If walking across mud or soft ground, the entity can get so heavy it can even cause the victim to sink into the ground.

However, if the victim can get the Myling to a graveyard before dawn, it will let go and pass on into the spirit realms. If the victim cannot make it in time, they will either sink into the ground or be killed by the entity as it goes into a rage-fueled frenzy.

Don’t get lost in the woods in Scandanavia

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