In this episode, there is a variety of topics. Starting off with the request from listener Buttons Wallace, we dive into an introduction of the SCP Universe, and the Foundation that classifies, eliminates, and contains paranormal threats to humanity.

And in a Monster Legend from Japan, you’ll be presented with the dreaded Gashadokuro, a giant bone monster of sorrow with a thirst for blood, and an eternal grudge against the living.

Then be prepared to what is little talked about in the current New Age spirituality, as well as many spiritual traditions, and that is the dangers that come if someone opens their psychic third eye before they are ready. This is good to know because it can literally drive someone insane…

Then last, but definitely not least, the mystic Edgar Cayce. Like Nostradamus, Cayce made many prophecies when he was alive that seems to have come true. You’ll be presented with various such prophecies, as well as an overview of the man, and the massive impact he’s had on the world.

Now enough reading, let’s get weird.

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