In quantum theory, a common saying is that anything that can happen does. Imagine the most unlikely events happening to you every time you step outside your door or wake up from sleeping, for that matter. “Quantum suicide” and “quantum imortality” come from this idea and suggest that it’s impossible to die from your own point of view and that you’ve been killed countless times already. The paradox is mind-bending but makes perfect sense utilizing quantum mechanics.

Your true self exists in a “quantum many-state-ness” and is not limited to linear time. The anthropic principles state that anything required for the observer to be observing happens regardless of any apparent exterior factors. The unifying field theory (which unites the theory of relativity with quantum physics) is mathematically sound and suggests that all things have remained connected since the inception of the Universe. The matter that makes up your physical body was once a star, and through string theory, on a quantum level, all things remain attached if they’ve ever made contact. So all things existed from a singular point that we call the Big Bang, right? Essentially, you are all things in existence and parallel worlds simultaneously with no separation hence why something that sounds so otherworldy like quantum immortality is a genuine possibility. Your consciousness has no separation in traveling the infinite of all that is, which is mind-boggling.

Have astrologists heard about this?

Infinite parallel universes are the chain-link of causality we are all a part of in quantum physics. And in the study of consciousness, we don’t exist in the way most people think but have to grasp onto a tiny moment of time in order to perceive reality in a way we can comprehend. In truth, your existence is beyond the third dimension, and you as a whole, past, present, future, all exist at once. In saying that, theories are suggesting we actually never die.

Quantum immortality suggests that our consciousness has access to infinite timelines. The Universe itself theoretically exists in a similar state, being future, past, present, all at once, and replaying over and over in an endless cycle. In this infinite cycle, your consciousness exists in perpetuity outside the limits of linear time. When you throw the multiverse theory or simulation theory on top of this, it means your consciousness is synced up with infinite timelines and universes. Quantum immortality revolves around the idea that when experiencing death, the consciousness just syncs up with another existence of the same person. You basically just go about your business like nothing happened.

Pretty weird, right?

How can our true selves be past present and future all at the same time? How does that even make sense?

Exploring quantum immortality as a thought experiment can be unnerving because it means that there’s a possibility that your friends and loved ones are not the same people you think they are. You could have met your demise and traveled to a new timeline, with these people being completely different versions of those you once knew. Have you ever felt like someone was just off, or changed, or different in an abrupt manner with no explanation? Well, that person could be a totally different individual than the one you’re familiar with and alien to your memories from another timeline.

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Whenever a consciousness hops from one reality to another, there will be slight changes no matter what. But, it’s theorized your mind will jump to a timeline that’s not TOO unfamiliar. For example, manifesting in a timeline where you don’t exist would probably suck, and one’s higher awareness avoids such a circumstance. In any case, there’s bound to be cognitive dissidence. Theorists suggest that something would just feel “off” sometimes in daily life concerning other people, culture, history, ext.

Have you ever remembered something different than how others do? Like a franchise you loved as a kid having a different spelling or pronunciation than is familiar? Does history seem to change, or do famous movies have other lines than those burned into your memory as iconic? According to Quantum Immortality, you could have died already many times over, and every time you manifest in a new timeline, these differences are noticed by the subconscious.

If you’ve ever heard of the Mandela Effect, many say that quantum immortality perfectly explains it. The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which many people believe that an event occurred when it did not. And this includes all aspects of our existence concerning this unique phenomenon. Many mainstream-minded people have scoffed at the idea of the Mandela Effect, but little do they know that quantum mechanics supports the probability of its existence.

Is there anything you remember about our world that seems off?

The Mandela Effect was coined back in 2009 by Fiona Broome, one of the first, if not the first, researchers of the phenomenon. Broome was at work in a meeting talking about Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in the 1980s, only to be surprised that many at the conference denied her claims. But Nelson Mandela lived a long and achievement-filled life, only passing away in 2013, so her memories were irrefutably false. This event shook her reality, and she couldn’t let the matter drop. Upon investigation, she learned that many others had the same false memory as her. Thus the term for the phenomenon was coined, and many others would point out other “inconsistencies” concerning their memories.

Notable examples of the Mandela Effect:

-People have a memory of a painting of Henry VIII eating a turkey leg, though no such image has ever existed. Anomalous cartoons exist in which this memory is represented, but historically it’s non-existent.

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-The U.S. joined World War I because Germany sank American merchant ships. This is what I remember being taught. However, one of the main reasons was the Black Tom Explosions, the first terrorist attack on American soil in history, and the most enormous non-nuclear explosion on the continent that even damaged the Statue of Liberty. The Germans successfully destroyed an entire munitions factory located on an island off the coast of New York and New Jersey.

-And since we’re talking about New York and the Black Tom Explosions, then how about people remembering going up into the torch of the Statue of Liberty? Well, the explosions damaged the Statue of Liberty so bad this is actually an impossibility. The damage to the arm made it impossible for people to go up and was closed down to the public. Not since 1916 has anyone ever been able to go into the torch.

-How about Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and all that gang in cartoons growing up? People remember this series being spelled Looney Toons. However, this is a mistake because the proper spelling is Looney Tunes, with tunes as in music. Many people even remember unique animations of characters interacting with the double “O” s during the intros, but it never happened.

Which one do you remember?

And there are many more because the Mandela Effect has grown a vast amount of followers concerning the phenomenon. But many people feel like it’s a recent event, only noticeable after 2012 for some reason. (Obviously inspired by the Mayan Calendar ending.) In any case, though the Mandela Effect seems silly and easily explainable, and debunked to many. However, quantum mechanics and quantum immortality support the idea.

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Is it possible that you’ve lived in many dimensions throughout your perceived existence? Or you may be wondering what happens to the consciousness that was already there before in this other version of “you.” Does the switch kill it? Well, no. See, the consciousness from one dimension to the next is actually the same consciousness. The subjective persona will be drawn over and added to what was already there. Still, the consciousness in all of one’s incarnations across the multiverse is the same current of consciousness. Bizarre right?

Are you unknowingly eternal?

There’s really not much special about life or death from the big picture concerning this theory (Other than to literally everyone experiencing life subjectively in a linear fashion, that is…) Quantum suicide has the same arguments apply as well. It just means parallel histories will form, just like if there’s any possibility you somehow find a way to live thousand of years, then you will. For example, if you’re in a situation where something bad may happen or not happen, then both results occur. Whatever can happen will, has, and ever will come to pass. The only thing definite is that quantum immortality is subjective. However, though you may see people come and go, only you can experience your own quantum immortality. So I’ll see you again in trillions of years when the Universe has ended, and this all starts up again in infinite ways.

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