On October 28, 1943, allegedly, one of the weirdest experiments in science took place-the Philadelphia Experiment (also known as Project Rainbow). During this time, WWII was at its height, and the need to gain the advantage over Axis powers was paramount to bringing peace to the world as quickly as possible. And it was this expediency that influenced scientists in America to throw orthodoxy out the window and delve into the stranger side of science.

Nikola Tesla, the legendary genius inventor and renowned physicist Albert Einstein worked on a project together at the United States Navy in the Philadelphia Naval Yard to create artificial electromagnetic cloaking to enemy radar. Sadly, Tesla perished before the experiments were complete, but the military had enough to begin conducting experiments.

Young Tesla and Einstein in the red circle. Rivals from the start…

Yet, depending on who you ask, these experiments had results of profound magnitude that could never have been predicted. The U.S. Navy destroyer “Eldridge” was fitted with prototype electromagnetic field generators, which did far more than hiding the vessel from enemy radar…

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest minds the human race has ever produced and is famous for his revolutionary scientific theories concerning the nature of space-time and physics. Tesla, another unrivaled intellect, had been censored by governments his whole career for his paradigm-changing inventions and is the father of our modern electrical infrastructure. The experiment was based on Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, which ties all phenomena within the Universe to matter and energy. Many geniuses have titled this theory the “Theory of Everything.”

The experiments between these two unrivaled scientific minds lead to one of the most disturbing military urban legends in history, the Philadelphia Experiment. This infamous WWII conspiracy theory has caused the mainstream herd a lot of frustration. There are tons of (quote on quote) “experts” who debunk it, as the powers that be always do when something goes against the narrative. But if we know anything about history, we know that the Establishment cover-ups and lies are endless, and the world they present to the masses is smoke and mirrors. So, though we will most likely never see the truth concerning the Philadelphia Experiment, there’s so little objective evidence to support its legitimacy, it’s pretty possible the experiment never took place at all…

Things are rarely what they seem at face value.

Three days before Halloween, it was time to test this new electromagnetic technology on that fateful day during the war. For some reason, the experiment was conducted with a whole crew, which would be harrowing for all involved. When the prototypes were activated, alleged witnesses claimed an otherworldly glow of green-blue surrounded the destroyer’s hull in the shipyard. The field enabled light to twist around the ship throughout space-time but didn’t result in what scientists anticipated. Instead of creating a veil of invisibility against radar, a doorway to the Quantum reality opened.

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The first test did little but make the crew sick to their stomachs and dizzy for a while, but otherwise healthy and in a normal state once more after a short amount of time. However, the strange light that engulfed the ship had been seen from up to a mile away (or many miles away depending on the witness), which was the opposite of stealth and discouraged the military officers in charge of the operation.

The second attempt was much more dramatic. As the generators hummed into action, the greenish-blue light once again surrounded the ship in an energetic aura. Then right there in the middle of the shipyard in front of many witnesses, the USS Eldridge vanished from sight altogether.

Not very subtle.

In Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, the ship materialized in a flash, splashing water in an eruption around the vessel as it swayed oddly in many directions with unnatural speed. And just as fast as it had appeared, the destroyer vanished once again, with seawater collapsing into the empty space violently. The Eldridge manifested once more hours later back in the Philadelphia shipyard to reveal a morbid scene of nightmarish proportion.

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Many of the crew were embedded in the ship’s hull, with arms, heads, and torsos protruding lifelessly. Some had fallen through floors in the ship, with half their bodies gone, or splayed out in pieces. A couple of the crew were inside out, with their internal organs cascading around their pink motionless mound of flesh. Those that had survived were nauseated just like the first test, but some were now insane or had anomalous burns on their skin.

The few survivors who’d maintained their sanity would be quickly put into quarantine. Any witness the military could find, too, was snatched up by clandestine military squads. Every survivor who came forward years later claimed that they were victims of heavy brainwashing to forget what they saw. A man named Al Bielek became one of these alleged survivors after watching a Hollywood movie depicting the experiment that caused repressed memories to resurface. But he was one among many who claimed to regain lost memories of the event that would come back to conscious memory over the years.

The junior crew had it the worst.

The suppressed memories showed Bielek he’d lost everything; his identity, family, and prior life. The memories he’s been living with were false and impregnated into his psyche by secret powers in the government. However, gaining evidence for secret government programs is nearly impossible, so any so-called witness account should be balanced with skepticism. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, though.

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In the interviews of survivors, a story of unreal magnitude formed. Such as accounts of underground bases and E.T. agendas, as well as mind control, people switching bodies, ritual sex slave practices, higher dimensions, and time travel. The deeper you go concerning survivors and witnesses, the weirder it gets. One sailor jumped off the ship during the activation of the electromagnetic generators and appeared in 1983.

Others claim that what the experiment discovered was “Space-Time Compression technology.” Essentially, a technology that creates wormholes in which travel across the planet is possible instantaneously. However, not just the planet, but in theory, the Universe as well. The electromagnetic generators were capable of interstellar transportation—many question why there are no aliens in our galaxy that we can interact with because, according to the Fermi Paradox, we should be surrounded by alien life in an intergalactic community. Others have stated that even faster than light travel is slow when traveling the cosmos, and humans would die of old age long before making any real progress. But with the discovery of Space-Time Compression technology, we got the attention of aliens in our galaxy because that’s how they travel the Universe in the first place. Not through literally journeying in space ships throughout the stars, but by instantaneous wormhole transportation technology within their UFOs.

According to this lore, Einstein’s General Relativity Theory is 100% correct, and separation in space-time is an illusion.

Sounds like the fever dream of a Quantum Physicist.

With the attention of alien races drawn towards Earth, it was from this point on that UFOs would increase in sightings, and allegedly a U.S. president made a deal with aliens in exchange for technology. Humanity has risen by technological advances more in the past 50 years than the past 500, and theorists point towards this “deal” with extraterrestrials as the source of our technological boon. In exchange, the aliens were granted several approved abductions of U.S. citizens. All this while humanity remained in the dark (for their own protection, of course).

However, what did the sailors experience when they were in transit between material matter? Some claim to have been frozen in time for months, being the only one able to function normally while the world around them is still and unmovable. A foggy cloud-like material surrounding the destroyer has been described, and compasses were spinning similar to Bermuda Triangle accounts.

Reminds me of the movie Event Horizon.

A couple of the crew straight-up vanished. Two men, in particular, claimed that material matter itself became flexible, giving them the ability to walk through physical objects or alter the density of their bodies. A chilling story concerning the family of one of the survivors stated he sat down with his family for dinner, got up randomly, then walked through the nearby wall, never to be seen again.

A documented side effect is men getting stuck in loops of an alternative dimension, which is described as a pretty horrific situation to find oneself in. Survivors have described this “getting stuck” as the embodiment of Hell itself. But the most terrifying accounts are the “things” that live in between the world between worlds.

Intergalactic teleportation?

Do you think the Philadelphia Experiment could have been real? In any case, don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.

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